Cleans dirty raw material of seeds, grains & spices to improve the QUALITY & APPEARANCE.

Feed Section:

  • Adjustable feeding with 150 kg. capacity hopper.
  • Removable wire-mesh screen in the hopper for catching strings, big stones, cobs, cloth pieces etc.

Aspiration Section :

  • Adjustable air lifting removes light impurities like trash, chaff, sticks, stems etc. to one outlet & very light discards like dust, insects etc. to another outlet.
  • Cyclone dust collector avoids blowing of irritable fines and dust to maintain good health of men & machines.

Screening Section :

  • THREE screens (top scalping, middle & bottom grading) separate the material into four size fractions : Over-size impurities, Bold-size good seeds, Medium-size good seeds & Under-size impurities.
  • Best quality hard screens having M.S. frame, more No. of holes / inch, accurate & uniformly sized holes, double side polish surface. Long & wide all screens are interchangeable. Select the hole sizes and hole shapes of the screens as per the crop.
  • Adjustable screen speed to match with the flow pattern of different seeds for better screening.
  • Adjustable screen slope to set the screening time as per the amount of impurities presents in the seed lot for better screening.
  • Screen-cleaning mechanism having eight rubber molded hammers operating continuously to avoid screen chocking with adjustable stroke-impact & stroke-frequency.
  • Note : Capacity depends on type of seeds & raw quality.
Capacity 2 – 3 TPH 3 – 4 TPH 6 – 8 TPH
Power 1 hp : Screener
1 hp : Aspirator
1 hp : Screener
1 hp : Aspirator
2 hp : Screener
1 hp : Aspirator
Screen Size
Top, Middle & Bottom
1440 L x 1095 W mm. 1940 L x 1095 W 2530 L x (965 x Nos. 2) 1930 W