Pneumatic Elevator Cum De-Stoner Cum Aspirator

Serves three purposes simultaneously :
1. Works mainly as Air Elevator.
2. Works as De-stoner.
3. Works as Aspirator.

Working as Elevator :

  • Air lifts the seeds, grains & spices of all kinds up to required height and then drops it into the hopper of next machine.
  • No damage to delicate commodities even like coriander, soybean, sunflower, caster etc. because of very gentle handling technique.

Working as De-stoner :

  • Drops heavy impurities like stones, glass & iron pieces etc. which are heavier than seeds.

Working as Aspirator :

  • Removes light impurities like dust, insects, trash, chaff, sticks, stems etc. to a separate bagging outlet.
  • Cyclone dust collector avoids blowing of irritable fines and dust to maintain good health of men & machines.


  • Adjustable vibrating feeder with controller for constant & uniform feeding of seeds.
  • Removable wire-mesh screen in the hopper for catching strings, big stones, cobs, paper & cloth pieces etc.
  • Capacity : 4 TPH & 8 TPH
    Capacity depends upon type of seeds.
  • Power : 3 hp & 4 hp, 2880 rpm, 3-Ø, AC motor.
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