Seed Dryers : Batch type

  • Very much useful for fast drying of unwanted superfluous moisture over the seed surface which is added during seed treatment or
    water-washing. So that you can directly bag your seeds immediately after the treatment.

    Avoids complications & saves time ! No need of piling up or spreading of seeds over the floor for drying after the treatment or water-washing.

  • Portable.
  • Batch type drying operations.
  • High-pressure high-volume air blower.
  • Complete control panel with stand.
  • Adjustable electrical multiple S.S. air-heaters.
  • Drying air temperature sensor & adjustable controller to avoid over heating of seeds.
  • Over temperature hooter.
  • Heater burn-out audio-visual indicator.
  • Manual discharge of dried seeds to bagging spout.
  • Drying tray with 60-75 Kg. capacity.
  • Heavy duty M.S. or S.S. construction.
  • Hard spring steel wire-mesh screens to avoid corrosion due to chemicals.
  • Fiber glass coated air ducts to avoid heat losses.
  • Drying Capacity : Designed as per requirements. It depends upon type of seeds & desired difference of moisture content, ambient atmospheric conditions etc.
    Drying of 60-75 kg lot within 15-20 minutes.
  • Power : 3 hp, 415 VAC, 2880 rpm motor for blower.
    5 KW to 7.5 KW automatic S.S. air-heaters.